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Word of Welcome

At NCS, everything that we do is influenced by a Christian worldview and a desire to be "distinctively Christian." While that permeates all areas--both curricular and extracurricular--we do intentionally pray, prepare, and plan for specific events and opportunities through our Spiritual Life Department. In addition to regular classroom instruction and teacher-led devotions, students have the opportunity to participate in weekly chapels, weekly Bible studies, service projects, See You at the Pole, class retreats with spiritual emphases, choir-led worship services, local missions projects, domestic and international missions trips, and much more!

We think of the practice of the Christian life like a compass. Emphasizing our vertical relationship with God, we encourage prayer (how we talk to God) and Scripture (how God talks to us). Emphasizing our horizontal relationships with others, we encourage gathering with other believers and reaching out in missions to those who do not yet know and follow Christ. In this way we fulfill the Great Commandments to Love God and Love Others!



No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, we pray that during your time at Northpoint, you know that Jesus loves you, that we love you, and that you grow to know, love, and honor Jesus as Lord.

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