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At Northpoint Christian School, adequate access to and appropriate use of technology makes learning relevant and provides additional ways to address and capitalize on students’ individual learning styles. As part of our mission to prepare students for college and to enhance our curriculum, we are committed to making our students proficient in the following areas: creativity, innovation, collaboration, problem solving, and communication.

With the ever-changing landscape of technology in today’s world, we are also committed to developing students who are good digital citizens. We want to provide students with digital citizenship skills that are steeped in Biblical knowledge and truth. Digital citizenship is not only taught as part of computer class, but it is also infused throughout the curriculum and modeled by faculty and staff.

All students must complete an online Computer Use Policy to access the computers throughout the school. Click on the link below, complete the form and submit.

Important Information about Bring Your Own Device:

BYOD Device Requirements

Important Information for Canvas: 

Important Information for PowerSchool:

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