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Spiritual Growth

Our mission statement indicates that NCS is a "Christ-centered" school that "enables our students to know and honor Jesus Christ." We strive to fulfill that part of our mission in several ways.


Bible is a foundational part of our curriculum from Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade. In the Lower School, students have Bible as a regular part of their week. Student are immersed in a survey of the Bible in grades 1-4 and focus on a study of Biblical Worldview in Grades 5 and 6. In Upper School, students take a deeper dive into God's Word to develop their understanding of who God is and what His Word teaches.

Biblical Integration

In addition to a dedicated aspect of our academic curriculum to Bible courses, all our teachers regularly demonstrate a biblical worldview across other academic disciplines. Our goal in biblical integration is not merely to add biblical truth to "secular" truth; instead, we strive to demonstrate how all truth is God's truth and that under every academic objective there is a relevant biblical truth that ungirds it.

Service Opportunities

There are various ways students can serve through NCS. Some students serve as class, club, or student council officers. Others serve on our Praise Team. Still others serve as Student Ambassadors at Open Houses and other school functions. All our students are active in service, both on campus and in the community.

Missions Opportunities

Students are encouraged to participate in various missions projects throughout the year. In Lower School chapels, students bring an offering that goes to support a different missionary or missions project each month. Canned food drives, collecting supplies for various community organizations, and writing notes of encouragement are just some of the ways our students are involved throughout the year.
Upper School students are also able to travel both domestically and internationally as part of our Domestic Missions Studies Class and our International Missions Studies Class. As part of these classes, students also participate in local missions opportunities, including a partnership with Binghampton Christian Academy in Memphis.

Weekly Chapel and Bible Studies

Students attend chapel once per week with their various age groups: K-2nd grade, 3rd-6th grade, and 7th-12th grade. In the Upper School, a student Praise Team leads in worship each week. During these times, students are challenged from God's Word to know God better and to make Him known to others.
Weekly student Bible studies are also held during lunch for 4th-6th graders and 7th-12th graders. These are known as Compass Groups and help students develop a personal daily devotion time with the Lord.

Special Events

In addition to weekly opportunities, students are able to participate in regular events throughout the year that can help them to grow spiritually. Early during the first semester, our Upper School has Spiritual Emphasis Week, a time when we have chapel for multiple days with guest speakers and worship leaders. Our Choir Department also hosts Worship Nights, and our school chaplains sponsor and host an annual See You at the Pole.

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