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Lower School REACH

Through REACH (Realizing Educational Achievement Through Christian Help), specially-trained teachers help students with diagnosed learning disabilities achieve academic success through the use of accommodations.  Educational psychological testing must be completed within the last three years by a licensed psychologist and an IQ minimum of  90 is required to qualify for REACH. Students in the lower elementary grades will receive language arts instruction with an emphasis on phonemic awareness. Phonics First instruction is used to bring meaning to written language for a student who may not learn through traditional teaching methods. In third grade, students begin to mainstream into social studies and science classes with their respective grade level.  All students are included in the non-academic areas of our curriculum. These areas include art, music, Bible, PE, library, computer, and Spanish.  Each student also has lunch and recess with their homeroom.  All students in first through sixth grade are placed in grade-level homerooms to participate in field trips and activities.

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