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The purpose of the Northpoint Christian School Library is to provide appropriate resources and encourage effective use of information. The library program supports the curriculum and educational goals of Northpoint Christian School.

Materials are selected to serve both teachers and students. The library media center contains a balanced comprehensive collection of media. This collection contributes to the instructional program of the school and also includes materials, which provide for recreation and enrichment.


  • To promote literacy and encourage leisure use of worthwhile materials
  • To provide services, resources, and technologies in support of the curriculum
  • To provide guidance in the use of information and instructional technology

Helpful Links

EBSCOhost Online Database for ENGLISH, HISTORY, and SCIENCE
Click on EBSCO Host 



OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)-To check to see if our high school library has a book or video

guest username: sbec hs
guest password: books

Follett Shelf-where you can read eBooks

Guest username: sbec hs
Guest password: books

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