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Graduation Requirements

Academic Diploma

A minimum of twenty-four (24) units is required for graduation with an Academic Diploma. These shall include the following:

Graduation Requirements

English (4 units)
Mathematics (4 units)
Sciene (4 units)
Social Studies (4 units)
Fine Arts (1 unit)
Foreign Language (2 units)
Bible (2 units)
Physical Education (1/2 unit)
Computer Application (1/2 unit)
Electives (2 units)
Total for Graduation is 24 units.

Honor Graduates

Northpoint Christian School Honor Graduates must meet both curriculum and grade point average requirements.

Curriculum Requirements

Students must meet all of the requirements as listed above for an Academic Diploma. However, the MATHEMATICS units must be Algebra I and above, and the SCIENCE units must be Biology and above. Two units of a single foreign language are also required. A student must have taken a minimum of four Honors courses in grades 9 – 12 to be an Honor Graduate.

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