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High School Guidance 

The High School Guidance Office aims to support students, parents, and teachers in implementing our school’s mission of equipping the next generation by pursuing a Christ-centered world and life view. Services provided by the guidance office include administration of all testing for grades 7 through 12, coordinating teacher and student class schedules, maintaining student records, and producing quarterly student report cards.

The guidance office strives to maintain an open door policy to provide confidential counseling to students and parents as issues arise. In every situation, God’s view of life, as we understand it in Scripture, serves as the guiding principle for sound professional counseling.

College Guidance

A primary focus of the guidance office is to assist students in the college search process. In this process, information and activities are provided which include a major college fair and financial aid workshop. College recruiters are hosted on campus throughout the year to meet with seniors as well as underclassmen. Additionally, the office is available for individual assistance at every stage of the college application process.

ACT and SAT Testing Information

The ACT and SAT are two tests that college applicants may take as a part of the entrance requirements for many colleges. For information on ACT test dates, test preparation, planning, and financial aid, go to the ACT Website. SAT information on test dates and college planning may be found at the SAT Website.

Register for the ACT
Register for the SAT

Review the preparation resources from ACT.

SAT preparation resources may be found at Khan Academy.

Transcript Information

Transcript requests for current seniors should be made through the guidance office.  Please contact the guidance office in order to have your high school transcript sent to colleges and universities you have applied to. 

Financial Aid and Scholarships

FAFSA – Federal Financial Aid – The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, FAFSA, will be available online starting October 1st. You will need your tax information from two years ago for completion of the FAFSA, not that it has to be filed, but the information will be required. Also, if you are completing the FAFSA online, you will need to create an FSA ID to use as your electronic signature. The student applying and one parent will both need an FSA ID.  That may be secured now here.

State Financial Aid – Students who are Mississippi residents and will attend a school in Mississippi will need to apply at this site for MTAG, MESG (29 or higher on ACT), and HELP(need-based). Students who are Tennessee residents and will attend a school in Tennessee will need to apply at this site for the HOPE lottery Scholarship.

The Guidance Office posts and frequently updates scholarship opportunities on student Canvas accounts.  


April Dye, High School Counselor

Guidance Office: 662.349.5085
High School Office: 662.349.5073


Nici Hill, College Placement Counselor

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