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Middle School Band

Students in 7th grade band continue to refine and hone their musical skills in preparation for
their participation in the Pride of the Point Marching Band starting in 8th grade. 7th grade
students should show proficiency in rhythm/note reading, articulations, style, and playing scales,
in addition to other skills that all culminate to form a strong foundation for musicianship.

Once students reach the 8th grade, they are officially members of the Pride of the Point
Marching Band! Football games, exhibitions, contests/competitions, as well as many other fun
and great opportunities wait in store for them as they continue to grow and mature as

Upper School Band

Northpoint Christian School's Pride of the Point Band is an award-winning program. The
Marching Band performs at football games, home basketball games, and area parades. The
band participates in local, state, and regional competitions and receives consistently high

Marching season is during the fall with opportunities for students to march and play their
wind instrument, be a part of the battery marching percussion, play within the front ensemble,
or be a part of the Pride of the Point Color Guard. Students that are members of the Pride of
the Point Marching Band have the amazing opportunity to bond with their peers through
the comradery of musicianship, as well as the many football games, exhibitions, and contests where
the Pride of the Point performs and competes.

Concert season is during the spring and allows our students the opportunity to refine their
skills as musicians even further by focusing on mature musical literature, playing more
technique-oriented music, and constantly honing their musicianship.

The spring semester also allows for students to participate in the Indoor Percussion and Color
Guard ensembles. The Indoor Percussion ensemble performs exciting shows that incorporate
both elements of marching band and theatre. This allows for creativity, artistic expression,
and performance opportunities for upcoming 8 th graders and other band members. Indoor
Guard allows performance opportunities for both current and aspiring Guard members. All
students that are interested in participating in Color Guard during the fall marching semester
are highly encouraged to participate in Indoor Guard the spring semester prior.

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