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The Art Department has many exciting opportunities for students to explore their love of the visual arts. Students are introduced to elements of art and principles of design throughout each art class. Students are encouraged to use their knowledge in creative ways and through a variety of mediums such as, acrylic and oil painting, ceramics, sculpture, and various printmaking processes. The art department also offers use of up-to-date technology to help students learn about modern processes and career opportunities.

In addition, the Art Department hosts a local chapter of the National Art Honor Society. Students in the National Art Honor Society must show an interest and exceptional ability in the visual arts. Members of the National Art Honor Society help elementary classes with art projects and work with the theatre department to paint scenes in the lobby for each spring and fall theatre production. Year after year the lobby has won or been nominated for an Allie Award for the lobby design.

Students in advanced classes also have the opportunity to visit local museums and colleges. Every fall, advanced students visit a local museum such as the Brooks Museum of Art or the Asian and Judaic Museum and go to high tea at the Peabody Hotel. In the spring,  advanced students make a visit to a college such as The University of Memphis and the Memphis College of Art for a hands-on studio experience with professors and local artists.

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